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135 years ago, back in 1869, the famous and world-wide respected painter Leo Putz was born - and with him a new era of painting. Already during his lifetime he was celebrated as one of the most renown painters of the Art Nouveau and of the impressionism. Today he is recognized to have belonged to the group of artists who have paved the path to expressionism.

His awe-inspiring oeuvre impresses in many ways, including his extreme creative power. His oeuvre consists of more than 2700 works, documenting Leo Putz' unmatched diversity and the enormous expressiveness of his works.

The oeuvre reflects a life that was dedicated to artistic freedom and to creation. His works painted during his stays at the Bavarian Hartmannsberg castle (1909-1914) and while living in South America (1929-1933) belong to the most notable ones.

The website at www.leo-putz.de and www.leoputz.de were designed to give compact and first-hand information to art lovers and to those interested in art work on the life and the works of the artist Professor Leo Putz.

"These websites are dedicated to my grandfather, Professor Leo Putz, and his incomparable oeuvre." Leo Putz jun.



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